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DIY Free-Standing Vertical Pallet Herb Garden

Check out this DIY Free-Standing Vertical Pallet Herb Garden which is a perfect way to grow your favorite herbs and build everything yourself for cheap. If you have plenty of pallets stacked around than this is the perfect project for you. Just pick up the following supplies to get started:

Fabric weed barrier
Scrap block 4×4 wood
Scrap 1×4 wood
Kiln-dried pallet in good shape
Scrap 2×4 wood
Wheel and hardware/screws to attach
Wood stain
Protective clear coat
Potting soil

DIY Free-Standing Vertical Pallet Herb Garden

1. Pick out your pallets that you would like to use and gave them a good scrubbing with bleach.
2. Remove 3 of the horizontal boards from one side and use your pry bar to create a bigger space for working and tall growing herbs.
3. Then sand down the splinters, rough edges and hammered down all of the nails.
4. Add a piece of scrap wood to the bottom of one side around 1 × 4 in size to create a ‘shelve” type surface to attach your caster/wheel. Inserting the 1 × 4 which did take some playing around. Pry it into place if required.
5. On the other side of the bottom got a 4 × 4 block and a miter-cut scrap 2 × 4 for support. Make sure you level it as well.
6. Make sure you have two people to move the herb pallet garden with the supports only and no wheel attached. I personally do NOT recommend attaching a wheel. I recommend creating support on both bottom sides.
7. Next start staining the pallet using whichever stain you like, wiping away after applying. I let it dry and cure for a few days .
8. Now you can move the pallet outside and gave it a spray of protective clear coat.
9. Once it is dry, use newspaper to create whatever pattern you like, and make sure you include room for folding the fabric edge under and the sides of the pocket. Then you can use your pattern to cut the fabric weed barrier to size.
10. Now fold under the edges and staple the fabric weed barrier into place between the pallet boards to create a pocket.
11. The corners and stapling can be a bit tricky just make sure it is stapled down and do what works for you.
12. And now you are done your pallet should have about 12 planting pockets.
13. Enjoy!

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