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DIY Skull Weighted Bookends

DIY Weighted Bookends

Supplies + Tools:

hand drill with twist bit
small funnel
scrap wood
2 hollow plastic skulls (or 3 if you think you’ll want an extra, in case of errors)
heavy duty craft glue
spray paint


1. Drill a hole through the bottom of each skull, and make sure it is large enough to fit a small funnel into.

2. Spray each skull with paint. Make sure each one has about 1-2 coats with whichever color you choose. Let the paint dry for awhile in-between your coats.

3. Now that your coats are dry, flip the skulls over and pour dry sand into them using the funnel. Make sure the skull is upside down inside of a large bowl to keep the dry sand from falling all over.

4. Now that you have the dry sand inside get your 2 pieces of wood which will need to be slightly larger than the skulls and spray paint or stain them. Make sure the paint or stain dries completely.

5. Next get your glue and start sealing up the hole and wait for the glue to dry completely overnight if possible. Once that is complete secure the base of the skull with the piece wood using glue. Let the glue on the base of the skull and wood dry all night and you are done!

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